Saturday, April 16, 2011

Iowa City Party Party Fun Time! 4/12-14

Hey gang,

Thanks for sticking with me.  Week 3, we are going to Iowa City: a mere 4 1/2 hours from Chicago.  Iowa City is a college town: that's it.  If you miss the whole college experience, you're eternal black hole of nostalgia will be filled in only two days in Iowa City.  Of course it was very affordable: $1 cover to the hottest spot in town to get that $1 draft beer.  I'm down!  Check out the Ped Mall, Capital Building, and Hamburg Inn. 

Iowa City served as the capitol to Iowa back in 1857.  Now it's the backdrop for cliche college photos.

Mimi, my excellent Couchsurf host in Iowa City.
I did perform in Iowa City as well. 3 for 3 I am doing good.  While there is no actual comedy club in Iowa City, (it's overshadowed by it's big brother 20 miles north, Cedar Rapids), an established bar hosts an open mic every other Wednesday.  Just my luck.

Note:  The Ped (pedestrian) Mall is the main strip in Iowa City.

That's all for now.  Tuesday brings me ten hours away to Memphis.  (with a banjo on my knee)

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  1. My ex girlfriend went to Iowa State and grew up in Cedar Rapids, and she is evil, so I hope your crowd was not full of black-hearted beasts.