Saturday, April 30, 2011

La la Lafayette 4/27-28

Ok if you don't know, (I didn't) Lafayette is a city in Indiana that hosts Purdue: one of the Big Ten schools.  Again we are back to a college town, but not necessarily: Lafayette is downtown and West Lafayette (a seperate city) is Purdue.  Pure and simple.  Let's get down to business.

Lafayette is small and unexciting.  What can you expect?  I only spent 24 hours there and got my fill.  The most fun part was the travel: I arrived on the Greyhound Express service (see 1st post for info) and I was THE ONLY PASSENGER ON THE BUS.  I paid $1.  The driver had to pay a toll to Lafayette that was more expensive than the fare.  It blows my mind wondering about how much money Greyhound must have lost at my expense.  Anyway, check out this leather-bound coach all to me.  I could've gotten naked.
By the way, on the way back, I rode solo as well.
So what's to do in Lafayette?  McCord's candie shop.  Very olde-timey.  Visit the courthouse, (which remains the tallest structure in Lafayette), Arnie's, (for Indiana-style pizza, yes there is such a thing) go across the bridge of the Wabash River to West Lafayette,  check out Purdue and this excellent Irish bar/restaurant called Nine Irish Brother's, voted best Guinness pour in the US two years solid.  Check it out.

I really can't think of a caption more clever than this.
Lafayette was a chance to get out of Chicago and relax.  It wasn't part of the original trip, and first I booked another trip to Kansas City, I didn't believe I'd get to go the first time.  So I bought a new ticket to Lafayette, yikes $2 excess, and gave away a free trip to Kansas City, (which no one took up) and couchsurfed with a lovely young couple: David and Anita.  They were wonderful hosts and without them, Lafayette would be "meh"

Last thing: no comedy club in Lafayette.  I went to an open mic at the Lafayette theater and they wouldn't let me perform: just music.  And I didn't bring the banjo.  I ended up giving a private show for my hosts and their friends at their place.  This was the first city I didn't perform in.  Oh well, here's a joke:

In Budapest I saw grafitti on a famous monument.  Mostly band names.  Someone tagged Metallica, another Led Zeppelin, and someone wrote "Early Bon Jovi."  They wanted to specify the era they liked.  None of that "It's my life" bullcrap.  Might as well write, "Def Leppard: with two arms."

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