Sunday, April 3, 2011


First let me say that I am a stand-up comic.  I do not own a car, but I've always wanted to know what it's like to be a road comic.  So, whenever I get to a new city, I hit up their biggest comedy clubs' open mic and let her rip.  Advantages I have are that I am an out of towner, so I usually get a preference over locals, I play a banjo, and Chicago carries some weight.  So, without further ado, the trip:

All leaving from Chicago:
Indianapolis 3/29-30      $2

Kansas City 4/5-7          $2

Iowa City 4/12-14         $2

Memphis 4/19-21           $2

Kansas City 4/26-28       $2   (optional: may go to Columbia, MO instead)

St. Louis 5/3-5               $2

Madison 5/10-12            $2

Minneapolis 5/17-19       $2

Cincinnati 5/24-25          $2

Des Moines 5/31-6/2      $2

So far we are at $20 even, plus the .50 cent reservation fee.  The trick is to book the trips all at once, so you don't pay multiple reservation fees.  Now at this point, I'm satisfied.  I am going on my off days at work (won't miss any work, mind you) I am in the prime spot for open mics, and if I miss a trip due to an emergency, hell, I'm only out $2.  However, Megabus inticed me by adding new routes to Pittsburgh, so here goes!  WARNING: This may bring your budget up, possibly to $30.

Champaign 7/2-3            $2

Detroit 7/15-17               $2

Ann Arbor 7/22-24         $2

Milwaukee 8/20-21         $2

Cleveland 8/26-29           $2

Pittsburgh 8/27-28           $2  (Note:Going from Cleveland to Pittsburgh, then back through Clevand to Chi)

OK.  Now we are up to $32.  Hate to mislead you guys.  However, look at it this way.  Book all your trips, and if you can't make one, sell your ticket for $25 and you'll probably make a profit.


  1. Which one of these will I be offered an invitation to join you in?

  2. Joel,
    Do you want to go to Kansas City? I have an open ticket. Or possibly Lafayette? I also have another extra ticket to Madison in May. Let's soar like eagles!